Books for a good price


Greek Denys Kyriakou, first-year Economics student, went to the university library in the city centre last Saturday to study, and came across the annual book sale there. It was busy. “I didn’t know about it, but I really like it. I’m especially interested in the applied economics books.” He expects to spend six euro. You can buy a lot for that: books cost one or two euro. The proceeds – almost 2500 euro – will go to the partner university of the UM in Beira, a city in Mozambique that was hit by a cyclone in March that caused major damage.

Slovakian Lucia Jadudova, first-year student of European Law, did know about the sale, “a friend told me about it. But otherwise I would have been here as well,” she says laughing. “I’m in the library every day.” She is carrying a thick book: Intellectual property in Europe. “And I’ll get one of the big English to Dutch dictionaries later for when I’m going to start learning Dutch.”

In addition to dictionaries and economics books there is also a lot of medical, psychology and law material. Most of the items are books for which there is no longer a demand or old collections from the Learning and Resource Centre that have been replaced by newer versions.

Books for a good price