Coverband Inkom opening predicts future


“Nobody said it was easy”, people are singing at the Markt. Coverband The Hottub Heroes is playing Coldplay’s song The scientist this Monday evening. An applicable song for the opening of the Inkom: the beginning of a career in higher education for the majority of the audience.

Unintentionally the musical choices of the cover band paint the picture of the short and long run of the present audience. For example the song Let me entertain you from Robbie Williams. That seems to work pretty well. Around a quarter to eight, the market square is already completely full with first year students, mentors and student association members who are loudly singing along with the band with their hands in the air. It is crowded near the bar, beer is flowing abundantly. The appropriate song: Hangover from Taio Cruz en Flo Rida.

Shortly after the band plays Fireworks from Katy Perry. The right song for the bang, garlands and confetti that follow after a word and a push on the red button from the Inkom organization committee: The Inkom 2019 has officially been opened.

Coverband Inkom opening predicts future
Author: Yuri Meesen
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