“Scary and exciting at the same time”

Freshmen Inkom 2019


“A famous person from Maastricht? I don’t know”, says Romanian Alex Rogojina (19), who is going to start her bachelor in psychology. “Ah, the violinist! I didn’t know he was from Maastricht”, she says when she hears that André Rieu is from this city. He is very popular in Romania. Rogojina is by herself this Tuesday afternoon. She’s about to visit the Student Debate at Tapijn. “People in my Inkom group had different plans. Some wanted to sleep in, others wanted to attend other events. But we’re going to the MECC party together this evening. Rogojina came alone to Maastricht. “Everything is new. It’s a fresh start for me. It’s both scary and exciting at the same time.”

Why did they come to Maastricht, what did they know about the city, do they like the Inkom and was it easy to find a room? Observant wandered around the Inkom and asked the first-years all about it.

“Scary and exciting at the same time”
Author: Yuri Meesen
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