Moving during Inkom

Freshmen Inkom 2019


Andrew Spirow (18) from Washington had to temporary leave his Inkom group on Monday in order to check out a room in Belgium. And with success. On Tuesday he again had to ‘check out’ for a little while in order to move in. “It is difficult to find a room when you’re not in the country, but once I got in Maastricht, I quickly started calling and do some viewings.” He stayed in a hotel for the last five days. Next step is buying a bike, since he has to be at the university next week to start with the Maastricht Science Program. “Why I choose Maastricht? I have lived in Europe before and I still have family in Hungary, so there’s a European connection.” And there’s an additional benefit: “Since I have a Hungarian passport, I can study here a lot cheaper than in the US.”  

Why did they come to Maastricht, what did they know about the city, do they like the Inkom and was it easy to find a room? Observant wandered around the Inkom and asked the first-years all about it.

Moving during Inkom
Author: Yuri Meesen
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