Teaching English in India

Freshmen Inkom 2019


What’s her name? Hanni? Hanny? She grabs the notebook out of my hands and writes: Hanne Schaefer. She is German, applied for European Studies and is 21 years old. A bit older than the average newbie. That’s because she was tired of learning after high school, she says self-assured. So she went travelling, to New Zealand and India, where she worked as an English teacher.

“True, English is an official language in India, but still people need to brush up their language skills." After that she went on a holiday in the north, in Rajasthan. "Visiting another country is a different way of learning, a kind of surviving sometimes. Now I’m ready for school again.”

She started early looking for a room, she says, at the end of June. But it was not easy at all to find one. At Facebook she joined a housing group where rooms are being offered. “But so many people are searching, you have to be really quick. I lived in Heidelberg then, not so close. Yet I visited Maastricht for two days, stayed at the hostel and found a room.”

Can she cook? “Sure”, she says as if it is the most natural thing in the world. “Sometimes I prepare a meal for my parents. We take turns.”

Why did they come to Maastricht, what did they know about the city, do they like the Inkom and was it easy to find a room? Observant wandered around the Inkom and asked the first-years all about it.

Teaching English in India
First-year Hanne Schaefer


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