“I hope these friendships will last”

Freshmen Inkom 2019


“I’m pretty amazed at how easy it is to make friends”, says Evelina Jahimovica (19), cheerfully at the Griend where she’s enjoying the Sportsevent. “Everybody is so open. Yesterday at the morning workout, I met a girl who also studies European Public Health. She recognized me from the Facebook group and we started chatting. I hope these friendships will last.”

Choosing which association to join is a no-brainer for Jahimovica. “I was a professional volleyball player back home in Latvia. I played for the national youth team and my hometown club. Here, I will join student volleyball association Fyrfad. It will be interesting to see how I manage to combine it with my studies, although the training will be less intense.”

She chose European Public Health for the European focus of the programme. “I’m curious to see how the different health care systems compare. Maastricht is the only university that offers this perspective.”

Finding a room was not easy. “I had to make a profile on three different housing websites, each time paying a registration fee. In the end, I found a room pretty far from the city centre. Not ideal, but it was the only option. At least I have a bed to sleep in.”

Why did they come to Maastricht, what did they know about the city, do they like the Inkom and was it easy to find a room? Observant wandered around the Inkom and asked the first-years all about it.

“I hope these friendships will last”
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Author: Cleo Freriks
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