Students for Climate take action against Maastricht Airport expansion


MAASTRICHT. The Maastricht student organisation Students for Climate will make every effort to prevent an expansion of Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA).

The expansion of MAA is one of the options discussed in a leaked memo on the future of Dutch aviation. If those plans were to materialise, the number of flights into and from Maastricht will increase and there will be flights almost 24 hours a day, except between two and five a.m.  “That is bad for the night's rest, the climate, and the quality of life in Maastricht,” says Teun Boswinkel, fourth-year student at UCM and member of Students for Climate. “South Limburg, and especially East Maastricht will suffer a great deal from low-flying aircrafts.”

Students for Climate is going to draw the attention of people at Maastricht University to the anti-expansion petition, which was initiated by Paul Sprangers, a resident of Schin op Geul. Boswinkel: “We are going to hang up posters in all faculties and distribute flyers. There is an international climate week in the week of 23 September, we organize a climate marsh in Maastricht the week before on Friday (20th) and we will collect signatures at the faculty entrances. Especially in Randwyck, because most of the inconvenience will be in East Maastricht.”

So far, the campaigners have collected more than 10 thousand signatures, more than enough for it to be on the Limburg Provincial States’ agenda (1,500). Still, Sprangers has his doubts. “The VVD party in Limburg points out the economic advantages, but in doing so they forget about the potentially disastrous consequences for tourism." The VVD itself earlier already reported in the press that they are against night flights. "In addition, the provincial government is pumping a great deal of money into it", Sprangers continious. "The petition is mainly to create an impact, to show that many people from Limburg do not agree with it.”

Students for Climate take action against Maastricht Airport expansion
Author: Yuri Meesen
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