“It is more important that clothes fit well than whether they are a brand”


Bjorn Berben (22), fourth-year student of Health Sciences, describes his style as “edgy, but basic”.

“For me, basic is always a plain white or occasionally black T-shirt. Collars and the way they sit are important too; lately I want a thick, high collar. Working from my shirt, I expand my outfit with a nice pair of jeans, jewellery and jacket. I love wearing jeans jackets or my black leather coat. I like monotonous outfits most of all; I mainly have black and white clothes. Although I would like to do more with colour.” 

“I go to the barber twice a month, and always to the same place and the same hairdresser. I trust her and I will never stop going there. I usually just go to have the sides trimmed, they need to be short, then I feel fresh. The top only needs to be cut once a month.”

Instagram is an important medium for him (@bjornberben). He follows clothing brands that he likes and influencers with a personal style, but it is also a kind of acknowledgement for him. “I put a lot of time into my clothing style, it is nice to see that it is appreciated. It gives my self-confidence a boost. In the past, I used to be quite shut off as a person. When I wear clothes that I like and when that is appreciated, I am more self-confidant in life. I don't post a lot on my insta, I really only want to post the best photographs. Although I regularly put my outfit of the day in my stories.”

Clothing company
He very nearly had his own clothing company. “About four years ago, a friend was setting up a clothing line. We regularly got together thinking up designs. My parents wouldn't allow me to invest money in it at the time. Another friend did invest and my influence became less and less. Maybe that was just as well, with hindsight, because the company is inactive at the moment.”

“By wearing chains and bracelets, you give your outfit and extra touch. I always wear silver; I think that is prettiest with white. I like big pieces that stand out, like these two chains.”

Ripped jeans
“I mostly wear ripped jeans, they add life to the outfit. Lately, I have been buying trousers from Represent or Jaffary, which are a bit more expensive, but they fit well and l look after them. Fitting well is more important than whether it’s a brand, but it often goes hand in hand.”

“These are the most expensive shoes I have ever bought. They are by Alexander McQueen and cost 395 euro. I paid for them with money that my parents gave me for Christmas and I added the rest myself. I saw them on Instagram and thought they looked very cool. Shoes are an important part of an outfit, I have five pairs in my rotation.”

“It is more important that clothes fit well than whether they are a brand”
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Author: Yuri Meesen
Loraine Bodewes
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