“If people think I look a bit weird, I’m totally fine with that”

Dress to express


Emma van Tuyll (20), third-year student of International Medicine Track, describes her style as “I have no clue really, I guess ‘alternative’ would cover it”


“My style really changed when I went from high school to university. It used to be much more boring, I would buy all my clothes at Zara. It mainly happened because what I like has changed, but also because I’ve grown to dislike the concept of fast fashion. It’s all about consuming, consuming, consuming, that puts me off. I try to be as thrifty as possible. There is already enough clothing in the world. Plus, it’s fun. I love clothing from the 60s, 70s and 80s. I look for items that are bold and unique.”


“I usually wear black and white, combined with one other colour. Cobalt blue is my favourite, like this shirt. Although I’m also feeling orange quite a bit these days. I don’t like to look very typical. If people think I look a bit weird, I’m totally fine with that. You’ll never see me wearing Adidas Sam Smith sneakers or skinny jeans. Or anything too girly. That doesn’t mean pink – you can wear pink in different ways. But if it’s too frilly and sparkly, it’s a no.”


“I love my jackets. I don’t like carrying a bag around, so if they have a lot of pockets, that’s brilliant. I love the broad shoulders of this one; it has a Matrix kind of vibe. My style is a bit masculine; I’ve always been a tomboy. As a kid I was always outside, climbing trees, getting covered in mud.”


“I’ve decided to take every comment as a compliment. I have this green reflective top. My brother told me I looked like a fly. Perfect, I said, that’s exactly what I was going for. I get my inspiration from YouTube and social media. The creative possibilities are endless.”

Dad shoes

“I wear either Buffalo platform boots or sneakers, the chunkier the better. If they look like the kind of shoes a dad would wear to a tennis game, that’s perfect. Comfort is very important. I have no problem with leather; I know I’ll wear it for a long time. Other fabrics I like are corduroy and velvet, anything that feels weighted.”

Chunky rings

“I like chunky silver rings, but when you study Medicine you have to wash your hands so many times and take them all off, that I don’t wear them that often anymore. In the future, I might tone down my style a bit – or save it for the weekends. They expect you to look professional; there are certain tops I can’t wear underneath my white coat.”


“I’m willing to spend quite a bit on a piece of clothing, as long as it’s well tailored and designed. My max would be around 250 euros for a sweater, but only if it’s timeless. Brands don’t matter too much to me. My mum sometimes asks me if something is a trend, but I don’t know because I don’t care about that.”

“If people think I look a bit weird, I’m totally fine with that”