“I take myself more serious in high heels”

Dress to express


Mathilde Kennis (26), PhD candidate at Cognitive Neurosciences, describes her style as “not subject to trends, sustainable and distinctly female”.


“With my clothing style, I want to convey that I am open-minded, that as far as I'm concerned the craziest combinations are possible, that one should certainly not stick to the rules. But I do think about what I put on in the morning. It depends on my activities and appointments that day. I also feel a certain nostalgia for clothes that I haven't worn in a long time. Then I suddenly rediscover them, sometimes in combination with something new. I tend to dress in a feminine style, you won’t see me in a baggy jumper, unless it is a very special one.”

A gift

“If I'm not feeling too good, my outfit gives me something to hold on to. When it comes to clothes, I’m pretty confident. I know exactly what I want and what suits me. When I enter a shop, I know immediately if I really need to be there. If I see something on a hanger, I also know straight away: it is or isn't for me. I jokingly call it a gift. I never spend whole afternoons shopping. I often go to Wear Vintage in Maastricht, which has two branches, one in the Rechtstraat and the other in Achter het Vleeshuis.”

Warm copper blond

“Many people think that this is my real hair colour, but I have been colouring it since I was fifteen. It is actually dark brown. That does not suit my skin and eyes; it makes me look like I am sick all year round. I had it coloured purple at one time, but also dark red, white and now for two years ginger. I myself call it ‘warm copper blond’.”

Shopping in London

“This jumper, with fashion bunnies on it, proves that my clothes are not subject to trends, it is ten years old. I bought it in London, where I used to go once a year to shop. I just love dressing creatively and being playful at the same time, always just a bit beyond the boundaries. And it is also sustainable. I regularly visit the Goodonyou.eco website. That is where brands are classified by sustainability, labour conditions, et cetera. They also provide tips such as: this label is now investing in the circular production process. I have a few Reformation items, a rather expensive brand, but I have been consciously buying fewer items in recent years.”

Pineapple skins

 “I wear high boots with a transparent heel. That is why I bought them. I love details. I rarely wear flat shoes, only when I am running. High heels give me confidence. I feel stronger when I tower over people. It gives you a different gait too, more mature. I take myself more serious. I am a vegan so I don't buy leather shoes. Fortunately these days there are sufficient alternatives, such as shoes made from pineapple skins. Looks just like leather.”

“I take myself more serious in high heels”