“When I put on too much make-up, I look just like Barbie”

Dress to express


Coco Smit (20, Dutch), third-year student of Biomedical Sciences, describes her style as “sporty and colourful”.

“I always wear jeans. I do have skirts and dresses, but they are only for special occasions like a gala. I think that this has just stuck with me from the past. As a child I always played football with the boys during breaks. So of course I had to wear good jeans, ones in which I could run well. The same applies to high-heeled shoes. I always wear sneakers. At the moment, I am wearing Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2. A limited-edition shoe that cannot be bought in the shop. To buy shoes like that, you often have to sign up for a lottery. If you win, you can buy a pair. I snagged these through my younger brother, he is sneaker-crazy and knows people in that scene.”

“Many of the T-shirts and jumpers that I wear, are from my father's wardrobe. He is sporty and wears a lot of sports brands that I really like. They give me an oversized look, which I love. It makes your outfit look just a little different to that of others. In primary and secondary school, I followed fashion and wore what everyone else was wearing. Now that I am in Maastricht, the situation is very different. I am more daring, it is appreciated if you have your own style.”

Disco trousers
“Some of my clothes were made by my grandmother, who is a good seamstress. She used to make my carnival outfits. She always knows exactly what I mean. I buy the material on the market and ask her to make something from it. Last summer, she made me a pair of flared disco trousers from a piece of silver material for the Tomorrowland festival. I feel it is important that I am wearing something that nobody else walks around in, especially at festivals. People don't think it's strange, it can't be crazy enough at those weekends.”  

“I buy most of my clothes in France during the summer. From the time I was very young, I have been going there with my parents and brothers, to surf in Moliets-et-Maâ, a well-known surfing spot. Camping with my grandmother’s old caravan. There are many shops with surfing and vintage clothing. I would rather buy something in a vintage shop than at H&M or Primark. I especially like the style, but I am becoming more and more aware of the sustainability aspect too.”

“I usually only wear mascara. When I put on too much make-up, I look just like Barbie. It is also not very practical with sports. I play water polo three times a week: training twice and playing one game. Then it comes off. I do like how make-up looks on girls who know what they are doing, but I think a natural look is the prettiest.”

“When I put on too much make-up, I look just like Barbie”
Author: Yuri Meesen
Loraine Bodewes
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