“I like to shop in small local boutiques; they give personal advice and have original items”

Dress to express


Tereza Spustova (33, Czech), master's student of Arts and Heritage, describes her style as “elegant with not too many accessories, always experimenting with various colours, prints, materials and shapes”.

“My outfit is in complete harmony with the autumn colours. It is my favourite season, but the past few years I have been too busy with my work as an air hostess to actually be able to enjoy it.  I love natural colours, both for my clothes and for my make-up. That doesn't mean that I never wear bright pieces. On the contrary, I think it is great to wear an outfit with contrasting colours on a rainy day.”


Quality above quantity
“I spend on average fifty euro per month on clothes. Many people think that I must have an enormous budget to be able to have such an elegant style, but that is not true. You often pay for the brand, not necessarily for quality. I like to shop in small local boutiques in Maastricht, like Avanti, Maud and Maison DQ. They give personal advice and have original items. I don’t usually buy a lot: I would rather have a couple of beautiful pieces of clothing than a lot of different ones that I won't wear anyway.”


Ethical shopping
“I am anti fast fashion. I never buy anything from the major well-known brands. I usually don't like those clothes, but even if that is the case, I still won't buy them on principle. It is unethical, the shops are too busy and trying on and paying for the clothes takes way too long. In addition, I don't like fur or leather. That is really no longer possible in 2019.”


“When I was still working as an air hostess, I had to adhere to the airline's strict rules. I always wore a uniform and I was compelled to wear specific make-up and jewellery. There was no room to express yourself through your clothing. Because of this, I no longer have a connection with the items of clothing that I had before. As a student, I am really enjoying all the freedom and I can wear my own style.”


Being self-confident
“You can only make a first impression once. That is why I like to dress in a way that reflects my personality. I feel it is important what other people think of me. If I look good, that gives me a lot of self-confidence. It also gives me a sense of freedom to wear what I want. I would like to encourage others to do so as well and especially to embrace their own style. Many people are afraid to express themselves through clothing, or they continue to follow current trends.”

“I like to shop in small local boutiques; they give personal advice and have original items”
Author: Lieve Smeets
Loraine Bodewes
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