“The only colourful thing in my wardrobe is my pyjamas”

Dress to express


Linda Paulssen (27, Dutch), third-year student of Dutch Law, describes her style as “black, modern and sharp”.


“Practically all of my clothes are black. I may wear a pair of blue jeans or a white shirt in the summer, but otherwise everything is black. The same goes for my shoes and bags. I just think black is always the most beautiful. It has something exciting, something sturdy, it makes you look trim. I don't like frills and bows. Details must look tough: buckles on my boots or tears in my trousers. I don’t wear glitter unless it’s Christmas or New Year's Eve. The only colourful thing in my wardrobe is my pyjamas.”


“I don't think brands are important because of the brand, but I do think they have an air about them, you can just see the quality. I find it important to look neat and decent. Socks in sandals is really not done. I have a favourite brand for certain items of clothing. My shoes are often from Guts & Gusto, my underwear is by Calvin Klein. Trousers are G-star or Only; I am really short so it is difficult to find trousers with the right length. My accessories and bags are by Michael Kors, as are my glasses. Which, by the way, are not black, because that doesn't suit my face. I have tried to dye my hair darker but that didn't work either. Then I don't look like me anymore.”

Different style

“My boyfriend and I have completely different styles in clothing. He buys those colourful sweaters… I don't think they are ugly, but they do look oldish. Then I think, you are still young, you could be tougher looking. On the other hand, he always says: buy something with a bit of colour.”

Never wear

“I always think that skirts suit me, but that is not the case. I look like I have even shorter legs. Only sharp and black is fun. My clothes always fit well; I find that to be the most comfortable. If something is too loose, it starts to itch, I don't like that, then I get irritated.”

Nail art

“I have had my own nail salon for about six years now. I love painting nails, a real moment of peace. I always have gel nail polish, in all kinds of colours, except yellow or neon. Sometimes, I really go crazy with nail art; even though for myself I tend to be more minimalistic, with others I go all out. I recently took a course working with an airbrush. That is a gadget with which you can apply the nail varnish very precisely.”

“The only colourful thing in my wardrobe is my pyjamas”