“I get to choose a new pair of shoes every three months”


Rychenda Paulussen (24, Dutch), third-year student of Dutch Law, describes her style as “the current trend”.

Pretty basic
“I especially like dresses with colours and prints. That is the current trend on Instagram, in web shops or what you see on mannequins when you visit the shops. Flowers, animal prints; that is really normal in Amsterdam, not everyone dares to do that here. I think the style in Maastricht is pretty basic.”

“Instagram is a hobby; I like taking and posting photo’s (@rychendapaulussen). I became a little more active last year, I posted a photo every day. My number of followers grew (now more than 8,000) and various clothes and beauty brands found my profile. I now work together with a number of businesses. For example, the shoe brand Omoda; I get to choose a pair of shoes every three months. In return, I post a photo of me wearing the shoes on my page within a certain period of time. Those websites often have a page about me that shows what I have of their brand, so that my followers can easily find that information. My goal is to become a lawyer, but I would like to continue with Instagram on the side. There are girls who earn thousands of euros doing it.”

“I was also allowed to pick out these rings. They are from My Jewellery and Maison Dqueens, where I often bought accessories myself. I like advertising small businesses that have nice stuff. I would never choose something that I wouldn’t buy myself. That would be fake and Instagram already has an image of not being real and all for appearances. So, I do say ‘no’ once in a while.”

“My clothes are not really expensive. My dresses don’t cost more than forty, fifty euro. But it is a different story with accessories, shoes and bags. For my 23rd birthday I wanted to buy a designer bag, that was an goal of mine. A week before my birthday, I bought this handbag by Gucci (1,400 euro). For my 24th birthday, I drove to Paris specially to buy an exclusive Louis Vuitton bag (700 euro). I save really hard for things like that, I work in the Sunglass Hut at the Bijenkorf. I cannot explain exactly what is so wonderful about it. It just makes me happy.”

“I buy almost everything online while chilling on the sofa at home. By now, the postman knows me well, ha-ha. I prefer shopping in small shops. The collection changes more quickly. That is actually not good for me, because then I buy too much. There are also months when I spend hardly anything, but on average it is approximately three to four hundred euro.”

“I get to choose a new pair of shoes every three months”
Author: Yuri Meesen
Loraine Bodewes
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