Inkom theme: Enter the unknown


The theme of Inkom 2020 was announced by the Inkom Working Group during a constitution event on Friday. This year, ‘Enter the unknown’ has been chosen. “We see Inkom as something comparable to diving in at the deep end,” says chairperson Milou Berdenis van Berlekom. “You are starting something new, something unfamiliar: your student days.” In doing so, the tradition to choose a theme related to this new phase in the life of first-year students is being continued. Last year, for example, the theme was ‘The moment is yours’ and the year before that ‘Adventure awaits’.

Inkom this year is from 17 until 21 August. The programme and the names of the performing artists on the Markt, in the MECC and elsewhere will be announced later this year.

Author: Cleo Freriks
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Tags: Inkom 2020

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