“I would dare to say to a friend that I don’t like a particular item of clothing”

Dress to express


Lien Tormans (18, Belgian), first-year student of Psychology, describes her style as “provocative with items that not everyone would wear”. 

“It is only since my sixteenth that I have embraced my own style. I no longer feel it is important what others think about me, but I used to think a lot about this. One day, I decided to wear a jumpsuit from Zara to school. I thought that was so daring, but after I received the first compliment, I completely changed my tune. I learned to accept myself. My mother always told me that I should wear what I like. Others should do that more often too.” 

“On my Instagram account (@lientormans), I try to post a photograph twice a week. By now friends also expect this from me. It takes up a lot of my time. My brother is a model, so it kind of runs in the family.  Sometimes I am approached for promotions. I turn them down, because then I feel obligated to advertise something. My Instagram account isn’t that big. Well, it needs to stay fun, of course.” 

Stand out
“I always stand out among my friends. I see more and more that they wear items of clothing that are outside their comfort zone. We are honest with each other when someone wants advice. I don’t mind admitting that I think an item of clothing is ugly. Sometimes we borrow clothes from each other. I also wear my mother’s clothes. Our styles are similar.”

“I love finding nice second-hand items. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. I usually can’t find anything in my size. So, I regularly buy oversized shirts or sweaters that I can then wear as a dress. I just improvise. I give away my old clothes and try not to throw anything in the bin. In addition, I try to shop ethically. You won’t find me in Primark. But I fear that these days it is difficult to stay away from fast fashion.”

Trousers and coats
“I used to only wear skirts, now a lot more trousers. They are more comfortable to wear, but the trouser legs are often too long for my length. I especially love loose trousers. If I could only wear one outfit, then I would definitely choose my red corduroy trousers and a polo-necked jumper. There should be a coat too. This can really upgrade your outfit, for example when you wear a basic top and trousers. I wear it because I just love it, but beautiful coats are unfortunately not always practical. This one, for example is not very warm.”

“I would dare to say to a friend that I don’t like a particular item of clothing”
Author: Lieve Smeets
Loraine Bodewes
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