“The Dutch have a nice style, but I miss the cuteness and elegance”

Dress to express


Yingyi Wu (26, Chinese), PhD candidate at FHML, describes her style as “simple with good taste”. 

Too long
“As an Asian girl, it is very difficult to buy nice items in Dutch stores. Everything is too long for me, I’m not that tall. I have been living in Maastricht for a year and a half now, but I still don’t have a favourite shop. I have to go looking for items of clothing that suit my length all over the place. That is much easier in China. The outfit that I am wearing now is also from China.” 

Asian style
“The Dutch have a nice style, but I miss the cuteness and elegance. That suits me more. I love the Asian style that many Japanese, Chinese and Koreans have, but you can’t easily find that in the Netherlands. I also don’t follow any trends. They focus too much on the catwalk and fashion shows in London and Paris, but not on daily life.” 

“I wear a lot of black. I never really noticed that about myself, until someone pointed it out to me. Black is simple, but still elegant and chic. It makes you look thinner than you actually are. In the summer, I am more inclined to wear different colours. The winter is not so easy, you get cold easily and the weather is awful. That is when I first make sure I am comfortable and warm; only then do I focus on what I look like.”

“I am wearing high heels today. I don’t always do that. I can’t wear them when I have to cycle through Maastricht, because cycling with high heels is too difficult. They also don’t always go with my outfit. I have a lot of shoes, mainly trainers. I love sports. This ties in with my area of specialisation (physical activity) and the subject on which I want to do my PhD (nutrition & movement sciences). I don’t usually put much value on brands, but I do when it comes to shoes. That is why I have a lot of pairs of Puma, Nike and ASICS.”

Special offer
“I always buy clothes and bags when I visit my family in China. Some people think that everything is cheaper there. That is only partly true, but it doesn’t apply to special offers. For example, I bought this bag in the Netherlands with a reduction of forty per cent, which is a lot cheaper than at home. But the quality in both countries is good.”

“The Dutch have a nice style, but I miss the cuteness and elegance”