The posters say it all

Home Sweet Home


Carly Sunol (19, Barcelona), studies Biology and Philosophy at UCM, pays 470 Euros for a 15m2 room in Daalhof, where she lives with two housemates.

On the long wall of her room Carly Sunol has several posters, one of which is a copy of the painting The School of Athens originally located in the Vatican on her wall, which depicts many historically significant philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates and Plato. “That painting was the number one reason I went to the Vatican, since I am very interested in philosophy, especially ethics”, she says recalling her excitement the moment she saw it with her own eyes.

The other posters showcase further fields of interests and topics important to her. One of her posters, which shows an animated clitoris reads: This is not an emoji. “It is interesting to me that people do not actually know what a clitoris looks like. There is a clear difference between what we are shown and know about men’s and women’s bodies, and this poster addresses this”. She also owns several posters from the Mandril and LBB, which are both destinations for the more alternative crowd in Maastricht. “I like to go to the jam sessions at the Mandril with my boyfriend, where he likes to join in while I watch. We also go to foodbank on Fridays at the LBB. The community is very welcoming.”

Sunol does not visit her home in Barcelona often because she tries to keep her air travel to a minimum. “Since I take the bus when I go home to Spain, I can only really visit when I have a longer period of time off”. In her first year, Sunol did not miss her home at all since everything seemed new and exciting to her, however now in her second year, she has learned to criticize some aspects of living in Maastricht, for example the absence of her native language. But despite this, she feels comfortable in Maastricht and does not miss home all that much. Although she does admit that she misses her dog, likely more than her family.

Emma Lengel

The posters say it all
Carly Sunol in her room
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Emma Lengel
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