“I purchase the same shoes again and again”

Dress to express


Harriot Grinnell-Moore (22, British), second-year UCM student, describes her style as “quite classic, not too bold”.

Same shoes

“I wear the same shoes all the time. Black boots in winter and black sandals in summer. If they are worn out – which happens pretty quickly since I wear them every day – I purchase them again and again. Once I tried something else and bought embroidered boots. They are so so pretty, but just not what I wear. I have had them for three years now, and I haven’t worn them once.”

Inspiration from mum

“When I was little, I felt a bit ashamed of my mum’s clothing style. For a parent’s night at school, I would ask her to tone it down. She wears these long flowing dresses and tunics. But as a teenager I really liked it. I was experimenting, going through a hippie phase and raided her closet quite a lot. I actually gave her back one dress only last year. What I really respect about her now is that she doesn’t care. She wears what she loves to wear and feels good in. My older sister is the same, I learned a lot from them in that regard.”

Silver locket

“I always wear jewellery, I’m a plain silver kind of girl. No stones or big pieces, I like to keep it simple. My watch was a gift from my mum for my 21st birthday; I wear it every day. My most precious piece is a simple silver locket with a picture of my grandmother and grandfather in it. My sister has the same one. It’s really nice to have, but I rarely wear it because I’m so afraid of losing it.”

Blonds have more fun

“When I just finished secondary school, I cut my hair into a bob and dyed it dark brown. I loved it at the time, but looking back I wouldn’t do it again. My natural colour is in between blonde and brown, so I could go either way, but I’m sticking with blonde. I wear my hair down whenever I can. At school we always had to have it up, it was part of the uniform and I hated it.”


“As a teenager I had bad skin so I used quite a bit of make-up. It feels like a security blanket. Then I moved to Paris to work as an English teacher and I was just too busy to put a full face on every day. In Britain it’s quite common to wear a lot of make-up, but in France not so much. Here neither, I’ve noticed. I still use it, but a lot less. Even when I go out; I’m not that good at it, I can’t do crazy eye shadow looks.”

“I purchase the same shoes again and again”
Harriot Grinnell-Moore
Author: Cleo Freriks
Loraine Bodewes
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