’S klane Glücksspiel

Jesler in Freiburg


Sun - smiles - semester break

I long debated how to brag about my deadline-free horizon. And then decided that I won’t. Instead, I will give you a taste of a Freiburgian semester break. And what better way to do that than by giving you the ultimate Freiburg playlist? Thus, I hereby present you with Freiburgian Mukke - 7 songs that the music editorial crew of Freiburg’s university radio UniFM hand-picked for Freiburg and that I then danced to in the radio studio while doing my Wednesday morning radio show.


1. ’S klane Glücksspiel (Voodoo Jürgens and Jazz Gitty)

No, this is not German. It’s Austrian. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t caught myself shaking my head over Chemical formulas and whispering: “S’ gibt’s jo net - Gibt’s jo net!” (English: That’s impossible! / That can’t be!)

2. Changes (Balthazar)

To be honest, I could make this whole list only about Balthazar songs. In fact, I’ve written most of my final papers whilst listening to Balthazar Throwing a Ball, singing about a Lion’s Mouth (Daniel), and The Oldest of Sisters. Changes introduced me to this whole world, and when I listen to its melancholic tune, I’m reminded of exactly the nonchalant vibe and easiness I’ve experienced so often here in Freiburg.

3. Waiting on the Doorstep (Filthy Boy)

The irony and dark humor in this song make me turn up the radio every single time the song comes on. The British humor in this song doesn't differ all that much from the German humor that has awaited me here. And yes, German humor exists. Another great example is I Am the Emotion by The Chap.   

5. Le Confort (Voyou)

Even though Freiburg seems to be hidden in the big black forest, it is in fact right on the border to France and Switzerland. Thus, it is not a big surprise that the music that uniFM is playing has this international character too. Le Confort is a great example of this.     

6. Around The Sun (Poolside and Amo Amo)

A song that I get to play a lot in Freiburg - the sunniest city of Germany. Also, with its great, long ramp (the intro of the song where no one is singing yet) I, as the radio moderator, have enough time to share fun facts about the weather and the like.

7. Fanny Pack Party (Rikas)

To me the ultimate German song, by a German band whose band members have known each other since kindergarten: Fanny Pack Party. While I have not yet given in to the temptation to buy a fanny pack, I see more and more friends around me getting sucked up in this trend. Especially the smokers seem to have little fanny pack parties every time they meet outside. They then get their tobacco, filters and rolling paper out of the depth of the little bags they wear “like the cool kids” (quote from an original cool kid) over one shoulder, and talk about capitalism and anarchy.

And with this incredibly incomplete list of indie songs Freiburg is listening to at this very moment, I too will turn up the radio again, lie back in the sun and watch the clouds pass me by.  

Jesler van Houdt              

’S klane Glücksspiel
In the radio studio
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Jesler van Houdt
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