Staff member has tested positively for the coronavirus


MAASTRICHT. A member of staff from Maastricht University’s department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering has tested positively for the coronavirus. This was confirmed by the South Limburg Health Authority on Thursday, 5 March. The person concerned lives in Aachen and has stayed at home by way of precaution, having probably contracted the infection in Germany. At that time, he or she did not yet show any symptoms.

According to Nick Bos, Vice President of the Executive Board, who is in charge of the crisis management team, the staff member is doing well. The symptoms of the disease are “mild”.
The employee was at work on Wednesday, 26 February, but did not yet have any respiratory symptoms or fever that day. There was no contact with students, but there was with three colleagues, the UM stated in an update last week. According to the Health Authority, chances that students or colleagues have been infected, are “very remote”.

Bos does not want to say whether the person concerned is male or female, nor whether it is a member of the academic or support staff. “This is because of privacy reasons.” According to 1Limburg, the person concerned is a woman.
The UM has asked the three colleagues with whom the ‘infected’ employee has had contact, to work from home until the two-week incubation period has passed. 

Staff member has tested positively for the coronavirus