“I’m not afraid to show my femininity now”

Dress to express


Céline Kleckner (20, German), third-year student of Psychology, describes her style as “classic and daring”. 

Gothic and emo 

“I was into gothic and emo during puberty. I became acquainted with emo music through a number by Linkin Park on the radio. My favourite bands were Black Veil Brides and Bring me the Horizon. Through them, I found the associated clothing style. I always had a preference for dark colours and from then on, I wore mostly black. I kept my clothes simple: trousers, T-shirts and flat shoes. At home I learned not to attract attention: not to wear high heels, or short skirts, have dyed hair or wear colourful hats.” 


“That all changed when I came to Maastricht three and a half years ago. I now dress the way I feel; I’m not afraid to show my femininity. You will hardly ever see me in trousers now; I always wear short skirts and dresses. Sometimes I combine them with tight-fitting shirts , sometimes with loose shirts; depending on how feminine I feel that day. The advantage is that you always look like you have made an effort, even if you have just pulled something out of your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with black. It can be very classic, but also daring. These days I combine it with grey, white and dark red. This means that almost all my clothes go with each other.”    

Audrey Hepburn

“I’m fond of the classical style. As a child, I loved stuff from times gone by: old books, bowler hats, pocket watches. I adore evening wear from generations ago. I really like watching films with Audrey Hepburn; she looks so refined. I like to always combine classical items with something daring, like a leather jacket or sturdy shoes. Or the other way around, a fancy cloak over a trendy outfit.” 


“I go into the city about twice a month. My wardrobe has a stable basis and I don’t buy much, but I do love looking at beautiful things. Even if I wouldn’t wear them myself, like jeans, colourful jumpers and down jackets. My favourite shop in Maastricht is Avanti: a small boutique with friendly sales assistants and eye-catching clothes. I don’t participate in disposable fashion. I prefer to buy second-hand and only items that match what’s already in my wardrobe. There is nothing more pitiful than a beautiful item withering away unworn in your closet.”  


“Hats are my favourite. They suit the shape of my face and if they have a wide brim, like this one, they add drama to an outfit. I also like beanies - small knitted hats - and conductor hats. My hairstyle is inspired by anime and computer games in which characters have dyed hair. I dyed my hair purple three years ago, but because my own hair is very dark the blue pigment disappeared rather quickly. Since then I stick to red; the brightest colour I can find.”

Sjoertje Vos

“I’m not afraid to show my femininity now”
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