Give me some sleep


Sleep. Something that most students definitely lack but at the same time desperately want. I, personally, daily struggle with doing all my readings, meeting my friends, making enough food to sustain myself, go outside to have breaks and so many more little tasks that just happen to be due that day AND still get enough sleep. Every task is important and requires time but time is a very scarce resource. You try to divide your tasks and plan your day ahead but somehow still end up going to bed too late or having to wake up too early.

Since I myself sometimes do not get enough sleep, I started to wonder why enough sleep is actually important. Of course, enough sleep makes you less tired and feel better but is there more to it? Well, yes! Enough sleep is important for a healthy brain. Adequate sleep helps you to learn, to concentrate and also to be mentally healthier. Enough sleep also ensures that the rest of your body functions properly, as for example your immune system. And there are many, many more benefits of a good night´s rest.

I assume that most of us are more or less aware of this. But I often feel that we still tend to neglect the importance of sleep and hence, our health. It easily happens since the real consequences of not sleeping enough will probably be felt in the long-run, whereas the unfulfilling of a task is usually felt quicker.   

I think it is necessary to remember what actually matters. And that is being healthy and happy. Even though, it is probably easier said than done, sometimes it is more important to put yourself first and not invest as much time into all the activities as you would like to. That is at least something I will try to remember more often, which is why I hope to write my next column not at 1 am.

Dharaha Thanapalasingham, UCM-student

Give me some sleep
Dharaha Thanapalasingham
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