UPDATE: no PhD defences for time being


MAASTRICHT. The Executive Board has decided to postpone all academic sessions, at least until April 6.

It concerns PhD defences, inaugural lectures and farewell speeches, about twenty in total. An exception can be made in special cases, states the latest update on the Maastricht University website, but this is only possible after consultation and approval of Rector Rianne Letschert. For all exceptions, the session can take place online or with a limited number of attendees (maximum thirty).

As far as scientific research is concerned, the faculties at the Universiteitssingel (Psychology and Neuroscience and Health, Medicine and Life sciences) - like the MUMC - have new rules for studies with test subjects. First, no test subjects may come to the faculties or the hospital. Also, scientists are not allowed to make home visits for studies; and no further experiments are started with test subjects (if a presence in the university or hospital is necessary).

UPDATE: no PhD defences for time being
Author: Wendy Degens

Simone Golob

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