“The tutorial was maybe even more productive than usual”


European Law School student Mashid Mojabi attended her first online tutorial session last Monday. She’s happy that her faculty is continuing to provide education via the Internet. “I’m a fourth-year student. I’d like to get my degree.” The switch to online teaching was made quickly, says Mojabi. “I only heard about it on Friday. On Sunday, 24 hours before the tutorial would begin, we had to hand in the coursework we prepared.” It was initially unclear how students were supposed to hand in their coursework or where they could find the link to the online tutorial, but everything worked out.

So what’s it like, a digital tutorial session? Everyone logs into a kind of chat room, explains Mojabi. “There’s no video and only the tutor broadcasts audio. Everyone else can turn on their microphone when it’s their turn to speak. If you want to answer a question, you can type your answer into the chat box or use a hand emoji to ‘raise your hand’ if you would like to speak.” Class discussions is based on a Google Docs document. “That’s where we asked questions about or added information.”

“It took some getting used to, but the tutorial went quite well in the end. I felt like it was maybe even more productive than usual,” says Mojabi. The only downside is that she’ll also be a little busier than usual. “I have to hand in an assignment on Wednesday, but I also have to send in my coursework for Thursday’s tutorial on Wednesday. We usually get more time for that.”

The coronavirus has also had a major impact on her social life. “I’m in a student association. All gatherings and other events have been cancelled. Last Saturday, we were all supposed to meet up and bring our fathers along. It’s always a lot of fun, but we had to cancel the event. We have to take responsibility for ourselves.”

Speaking of taking responsibility, Mojabi is organising a symposium for the Feather Foundation, an organisation for social debate. The symposium was supposed to take place on Tuesday and revolve around the theme of responsibility. “It’s been cancelled, too.”

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“The tutorial was maybe even more productive than usual”
Mashid Mojabi
Author: Yuri Meesen

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