Find the new in the old


In times of seeing the other as a threat,

A virus carrier from whom I have to hide away,

I started overindulging, no longer afraid of getting fat,

For, will I not stay inside until I’m old and grey?


I think back to life before quarantine,

To sunshine and running to hug friends,

Instead of eyeballing them: “Are they clean?”

Making the situation even more tense.


I always see the positive, as I do now too,

I’m home, I’m safe, and all I love are well,

Only my longing is not met to discover what is new,

And instead of new cuisines, it’s frozen pizza that I smell.


But one thing I must admit:

All of this long-desired free time,

Reminds me: when was the last time I could sit,

And take an hour or two to simply rhyme?


I’ve also started knitting a sock,

One as flawed as these verses,

But all is better than watching the clock, 

And bombarding Corona with curses.


And thus, I can only say:

Find the new in the old!

Bake something vegan or knit away!

Instead of starting to scold, let’s find gold! 

Jesler van Houdt

UCM-student Jesler van Houdt (half Dutch, half German, calls Singapore home) is doing a Double Degree in Freiburg and keeps a blog for Observant. For the next coming weeks she will write about how Covid-19 influences her normally so international lifestyle. The city of Freiburg has decided on a two week lock-down, both its university and Maastricht University only offer education online for the time being.

Find the new in the old
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