Technology keeps us connected


Are you tired of social distancing? Luckily, it is 2020 and technology has got your day's social calendar covered.

If you are used to starting the morning off with some exercise but need your local yoga group or exercise buddies to really get going, you can join forces through plenty of streamed classes. And for those interested in going the extra mile on the bike, there is the Peloton, the only exercise bike that streams indoor cycling classes live and on-demand right to your living room.

Around lunch, many chefs take to Instagram, giving interactive cooking sessions to make sure that our meals do not become as mundane and repetitive as other parts of quarantine life. Post-lunchtime, when that afternoon dip settles in, it's worth checking out if your favorite author is giving a live reading from his or her latest work. And for those wanting to chime in there is always Goodreads, a website that catalogues tons of online book clubs to join.

If, however, you had a bigger outing in mind, museums across the globe, like the Louvre and the Rijksmuseum, have opened their virtual doors. And if their lofty ceilings didn't lend you enough digital room to breathe, you can always embark on a virtual afternoon stroll through a sunny, people-filled Central Park.

When evening plans call for dinner and a movie, download Netflix Party, a new browser extension on google chrome that allows multiple people to watch movies "together" and chat with one another along the way. On top, an app called Happy hour also makes video calling and gaming with your nearest and dearest an easy feat.

Instagram offers even more action in the wee hours of the night as well-known singers and DJs play live sets and host digital dance parties. And if you are wanting to tune out the day on a more classical note, you may find solace in browsing through the many archived performances of Berlin's Philharmoniker virtual concert hall.

While technology, and social media in particular, is often criticized for turning us into social hermits, nowadays our screens play a huge part in keeping our connections to the outside world afloat.

Nina Schröder, masters student FHML

Technology keeps us connected
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