Changing role of student association: keeping in contact and boosting morale


MAASTRICHT. Online drinks, answering pupils’ questions, and challenging each other through Instagram challenges: all activities having been cancelled, student associations are attempting to keep in contact with their members through all kinds of ways in order to keep spirits up. The reduced activity will have no influence on the boards’ subsidies, says Pascal Breuls, director of the Student Services Centre.

Traditionally, spring is a time for lots of student activities. One of the larger events that has been cancelled this year is the ‘Us Leef Vruike’ student field hockey competition, normally planned around Ascension Thursday. To alleviate the suffering, the associations have challenged each other to have a beer or a glass of wine using a hockey stick. You hook the stick around your glass and carefully bring it to your mouth. There will also be online drinks on Wednesday evening – that is normally the associations’ club evening – , student association Koko organised a digital pub quiz and rowing association Saurus asked its members to post their alternative sports activities using the hashtag #ik....dusikroei (#I....soIrow).

But there is also room for more serious matters. Pupils can approach student associations with their questions about studying and living in Maastricht. They will be teamed up with a member, who will provide them with all the information. The associations are also recruiting students for Crew against Corona, an organisation that does things like shopping for those needing help or minding children of health care providers.

“Other than that, we are catching up on administrative matters,” Circumflex chairman Stan van Vleuten grins. “We are just working from home now, but eventually our tasks will decrease, of course.” 

Changing role of student association: keeping in contact and boosting morale
koko pub quiz
Author: Cleo Freriks

Screenshot of the online pub quiz, hosted by student association Koko.

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