Number of students stranded abroad is decreasing


MAASTRICHT. Today (9 April) there are still 24 Maastricht students who are stranded abroad and want to return home. It concerns students who were on an exchange visit outside Europe. Last Wednesday, the number was 36 people.

The university is trying its best to help these students to come home, said president of Maastricht University, Martin Paul in a University Council meeting last Wednesday. “We speak to the students regularly and we help them with things such as contacting the embassy.”

Fifteen students have returned home since last Wednesday, according to interim spokesperson Fons Elbersen. Most of them were in Singapore (nine). There were also students who returned from Peru, Taiwan, Chili, Thailand and Rwanda. But 36 (the students who wanted to return last week) minus fifteen isn’t 24 (the number still waiting to return home)? Elbersen: ”The situations in countries can change, as a result of which students change their minds about returning after all. Those figures are changing every day.” Most of those who are now waiting for a flight back, are stuck in Australia and New Zealand (seven), Singapore (five) and South Africa (seven). Elbersen: “Two of the students in South Africa will be coming home tomorrow.”