A sit-up rewarded with a kiss


The bad news is that UM Sports may have to remain closed until September. The good news is that the university sports centre has been offering online workouts for a while now. Observant editors want to stay in shape, too, so we decided to give it a shot.

In addition to a number of videos by UM Sports instructors on social media and YouTube, UM Sports mainly offers online workouts on FitSnacks.tv. The platform has something for everyone, from barbell exercises to fitness exercises and from yoga to virtual cycling training.

The videos also vary in terms of length. Yours truly opted for a seemingly easy twelve-minute buddy workout with girlfriend DM this Monday afternoon. Twelve minutes turned out to be plenty of time to work up a sweat.

The workout consists of two circuits of four exercises. The third exercise in particular is a challenging one. One person, the bridge, lies on their back and forms a bridge with their knees. The other person, the dipper, uses this bridge to do triceps dips (see screenshot). When the dipper stretches their arms, the bridge pushes up their hips. In our case, pushing over a hundred kilos into the air proved quite difficult for DM. “Why is my boyfriend so heavy?”

Abdominal exercises make up the fourth and last part of the circuit. Sit facing your partner. The first time, your feet go between their feet; the second time, your feet go on either side of theirs. High-five each other after each sit-up. “Want to push yourself harder?” asks the instructor. Touch the ground behind your head to increase the intensity of the exercise. DM’s tip: do you want to push yourself even harder? Give your workout partner a kiss after each sit-up – provided that they want one, of course.

A sit-up rewarded with a kiss
Duo workout 6
Author: Yuri Meesen

Screenshot from fitsnacks.tv

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