Elections only for ICTS and FS Employees’ Councils


MAASTRICHT. No less than nine candidates have put their names forward for the ICTS Employees’ Council. There are five seats available. This means that the Employees’ Councils at the ICT department and Facility Services are the only ones to actually hold elections next week. For the other councils, this is not necessary because the number of candidates equals the number of seats.

 “I was somewhat surprised myself,” says Hugo Paulissen, quality manager at ICTS and present member of the Employees’ Council. “We regularly encourage people to put themselves forward if they want to have a say and that seems to have had effect. ”

Paulissen believes that there are two reasons for the great enthusiasm. “We have had a lot to contend with as a department, first with the cyberattack and now with COVID-19. There is a considerable amount of pressure on us. On top of that, we are changing over to a new way of working. More and more goes via the cloud, we work with different programmes. It is officially a reorganisation. Not one in which jobs will be lost, but it is possible that someone’s duties change. People really want to talk about how that will exactly happen.”

By the way, all candidates are from the same party. “We are fairly like-minded. We all want to work constructively with the board.”

Author: Cleo Freriks
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