“My style in three words? Art, witchcraft, sexuality”

Dress to Express


Diandra Agapic (19, Romanian), second-year Arts and Culture. Describes her style as “artistic and theatrical”.

The tear

“I was feeling a bit sad today because of a love thing – this mood was the inspiration for my outfit. I wanted to create a kind of ‘sorrowful Madonna’ style. Therefore, I also drew a tear underneath my eye. It is all about expressing myself and my feelings in my outfits. You could even call it therapeutic. Of course, I also have days, when I just want to wear sweatpants, but in general, I like to go the dramatic way and show off a theatrical or artistic vibe.”


“One thing is certain: my colours are black and red. Look at my hair. Yet, I like to go more colourful with make-up. Sometimes I use colourful glitter, or I draw a tear, such as today. For me, using make-up is like doing art – but instead of painting a canvas, I paint my face. I used to go to Instagram to find inspiration, but I think the looks are becoming too repetitive. Also, my eye lids are too small for these Instagram-eye looks. Recently I found a new technique that works perfectly for my eyes: I draw these very thin lines, for example when using eyeliner or eye shadow. People use it in art paintings, but it works for make-up as well.”

Tarot reader

“Witchcraft plays an important role in my style. The Craft movie especially inspires me. I love the character Nancy in it. Her style is kind of an elegant punk. I also take ideas from American Horror Story. And I follow a lot of witchcraft things on Instagram. Many people don’t really get the idea behind witchcraft but it is simply working with energy, nothing more. Today, I want to convey this ‘I-want-to-be-your-tarot-reader’ style, so I added witchcraft elements, like my rings. Ready to read your future!”

Leather and Lace

“I buy my clothes basically everywhere where I can find black, leather and lace. My outfit of today contains parts from Zara, from Etsy, and some unique jewellery pieces. As long as it suits my style, I am cool with it. I would like to buy more vintage though, as it is sustainable and helps people. However, often vintage clothes don’t fit or they are too expensive.”


“It took me quite a while to figure out who I am and what my style should look like. I experimented a lot. Am I more punk or am I more grunge – what am I? It’s not that easy and simple to define. Sometimes I like something completely different, like how Nicki Minaj dresses, this very ‘American’ style. But since September last year, I would say my style is pretty defined.”

“My style in three words? Art, witchcraft, sexuality”
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