Juggling lots of balls even during corona


Work placement, thesis, study, politics. These are just a few of the things that keep Jonathan Felix, master’s student of Law and Labour, busy at the moment. Even during the pandemic, he has his hands full. “Three days a week, I do a distance research placement at Zuyd Hogeschool. I am taking two subjects for my master’s and I work on my thesis at the weekend. In addition, I work for the VVD party in the Limburg Parliament.” Felix says it ”is busy but doable, although he is not quite used to sitting at home all day”.

“A lot is not possible,” the master’s student continues. “But the university and Zuyd Hogeschool have converted very well.” He actually had a practical for one of his last subjects. “That has now become a written assignment. I also have open-book exams. The research that I carry out at Zuyd Hogeschool can be done from home. Everything that I used to do on location, just continues at home.”

His political life as an employee for the VVD hasn’t come to a standstill either. On the contrary: “Everything became digital immediately after the lockdown, such as meetings and preparations for these meetings. We will resume physical meetings in June. It is a matter of making agreements, which applies to the VVD as well. Normally, we would sit with three of us in the small office in the Gouvernement on the Maas, but that is too small to allow us to maintain a suitable distance. Under normal circumstances, we would also have working visits to businesses that have been hit by the crisis. Now we organise an online talk show on Facebook and YouTube with them.”

Even during this COVID-19 period he is trying to contribute to society. “I am chairman of the LEO Club in Sittard-Geleen. With a group of youths, we organise charity activities. We had planned to have all kinds of events. Now we are thinking about things that we can also do during the pandemic, such as rally driving and having a picnic.”

He is not negative. “It is a pity, but I have a positive disposition. I’m okay. Nobody in my surroundings has or has had the coronavirus. You come up against new things, you adapt and learn from that. I hope to use that in the time after corona.” 

Juggling lots of balls even during corona
Persfoto Jonathan Felix
Author: Lieve Smeets
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