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MAASTRICHT. A student of the School of Business and Economics wants Maastricht University to introduce a "no detriment policy" due to the corona crisis. He has started a petition and hopes that the average grade that students have achieved so far will not decrease if they score worse for the upcoming exams.

So, for example, is your average a seven and do you get a six for your exam? Then your average remains unaffected. With an eight for the exam it goes up. "I got the idea from a friend of mine who is studying at the University of Manchester," says first year Marco Ughi, initiator of the petition. “Seventy percent of universities in the United Kingdom have recently implemented such policies. It removes a lot of uncertainty from students who are less able to study because of the virus. There is no library to retreat to, no physical tutorial groups and sometimes even no lectures. And I was less concentrated myself because several family members were infected. Am I eligible for a good internship? Or a nice top university for my exchange? ” Those are no longer concerns with a ‘no disadvantage policy’, says Ughi.

At the time of writing, 306 people have signed the petition. SBE Dean Peter Møllgaard also responded extensively to the call on the site. He says he understands the concerns and promises to carefully evaluate the results of the upcoming exams. Ughi: “These are reassuring words for many students, which means that the petition has partly served its purpose. The very best would of course be if the UM-wide policy was introduced.”

Author: Yuri Meesen
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