First prefabricated units for students have arrived


MAASTRICHT. The first prefabricated student units arrived in Randwyck last Tuesday. They still have to be furnished and hooked up to water and electricity. In two months’ time, from August, 252 students can move into this accommodation on the grounds of the former sports hall.

Part of the land opposite the hospital will no longer lie waste, as it did for years. There will be rooms for students. A total of 252, divided up over three floors. Once upon a time, there were plans for a large campus, the Calatrava campus, with housing and sports facilities for students. The project by housing association Servatius, the city of Maastricht and Maastricht University was terminated in 2009 because of the exorbitant costs. Meanwhile, the land had already been cleared; Maastricht University’s former sports hall had been removed.

An attempt was made as early as 2018 to bring ‘container homes’ to these grounds in Randwyck, because of the urgent need for student accommodation, but the plan was not feasible at the time. It is now. They are not container homes, says the spokesperson for manufacturer C3 Living, part of the social enterprise Rendiz in Panningen. These are new prefabricated apartments with their own facilities. The units will be put in place for ten years. Studentenhuisvesting Maastricht (not to be confused with Stichting Studentenhuisvesting, SSH) will take care of rentals. Rent prices are not yet known.

The city of Maastricht assumes that the number of student accommodation units will grow by 2,900 over the next six years. Randwyck in particular is regarded as an attractive location, close to the Health Campus. The city of Maastricht recently announced that the vacated post office on the Duboisdomein, also in Randwyck, may well be demolished and replaced by five hundred individual student homes. To this end, the city council has signed a declaration of intent with Urban Developers from Groningen.

First prefabricated units for students have arrived
Author: Wendy Degens

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