Peaceful Black Lives Matters demonstration in Maastricht


MAASTRICHT. Some 1,400 people protested yesterday (Sunday) on the Griend against racism and police brutality. Among them also many (international) students.

To keep the 1.5-meter distance, the organization had drawn circles on the grass in advance. Participants were asked to remain there. That worked fine. They listened to the speeches (for those who were sitting too far away, there was the option to follow it via a livestream) and held signs with texts such as "The colour of my skin is not a crime" and "How many weren't filmed?". Here and there, people knelt in support of the American protesters and fists went up into the air.

It was the second Black Lives Matter demonstration in Maastricht. The first was on the Market last Monday. There, about two hundred people came. Around the world, protests have been held against racism and police violence against black people and people of colour the past week. These were prompted by the death of George Floyd in the USA, who died after having been held down with a policeman’s knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes.?

Observant previously spoke with students about the demonstrations and what can be improved at Maastricht University in regards to inclusivity. That article can be read here.

Peaceful Black Lives Matters demonstration in Maastricht
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