"I’ll postpone the ‘student housing-theme’ for a while"

First-year student


A few days before the introduction week Inkom kicks off, eighteen-year-old Renée Moers is still in Luxembourg, on a campsite. “I’m taking a little break with friends.” She was initially scheduled to fly to Alicante with her mother after her central exams and would spend another ten days in Italy with her boyfriend this summer. However, she decided it was too risky in these corona times and canceled them. 

What then? Hang out and watch Netflix all day? "I took a student job." In an ice cream parlor just across the border in Belgium, she scooped different flavors of ice cream for weeks. With a face mask, of course, because the Belgian government is stricter about this than the Dutch. “That was sometimes tough. After a few hours it feels very sweaty around your mouth and nose. ”

The worldwide pandemic throws a spanner in the works for eighteen-year-old Moers who is going to study Biomedical Sciences. The Inkom is largely digital, “a pity, but that’s just the way it is.” She will attend the physical activities, such as the market on Tapijn. “And I'm going to take the city walk. I know Maastricht very well, I was born and raised here, but it is still a way to get to know new people.”

Moers debated between Nijmegen and Maastricht, but she chose a study program in her hometown. Was that because of corona and all the uncertainties? “No, it really has to do with problem based learning. That suits me, I like to be 'active' with the material. Rather than listening for an hour to someone who tells a story. ”

She will continue to live at home for the time being. “The laundry is done, the cooking too, haha. I think it's quite a change from secondary school to university. I’ll postpone the ‘student housing-theme’ for a while."

Is she interested in the life of student associations? “No, that's not for me. I don't like to be forced to participate in all kinds of activities. I like to make my own decisions.” She does become a member of the study association. “The milder version,” she chuckles.