Top-class study and sports

First-year student


Cedric Pots (18) grew up in Scharn, so yes, it is logical that he is going study at Maastricht University. But in Pots’ case, things are a little different. From the time he was in fourth year of secondary school, Pots has known that he wants to study Econometrics – or Economics at any rate – so he looked into varies studies of that kind in the Netherlands. This means that he could also have ended up in Rotterdam or Tilburg, except that the UM appeared to be the best according to his in-depth analysis.

Why? “Because the Maastricht Econometrics programme pays much more attention to skills. In Rotterdam or Tilburg, the focus is more on theory. All well and good, but in the end, it is all about what you can do with that theory. Otherwise it is rather meaningless.”

Pots also sees himself in digs in Maastricht, but not in the first year. Things will be busy enough for him already, not just with his study but also with football. He is a midfielder for MVV, in the under-21 team. “They are immediately under the first team. Top-class sport, you know. That is also the reason why I won’t join a student association. It couldn’t be combined.”

Top-class study and sports