Mozzarella in carrozza

First-year student


Giovanni Bava was dropped off in Maastricht by his parents and brother to study Economics & Business Economics. All the way from Italy by car. “My brother is going to study in Canada, so this was like a last family trip.” Initially, it was a little scary to be left behind here by myself, but after the first meeting with people from his study programme, all went away. “Everyone is in the same boat, you connect quickly. There are people from all over the world: the United States, Argentina, South Africa and good old Europe.”

At the moment, he is living in a studio with his own kitchen and bathroom, close to the centre. “It is a little bit expensive,” he says. “But I was in a rush. I was also accepted at a private university in Italy. That would cost a couple of thousand euro a year, so I thought: ‘I can afford to rent this studio for a year.’ But next year I want to be in a student house with housemates.”

The deciding factor in his choice for Maastricht was the fencing club. He has been doing that for about eleven years. “I did it fanatically for some years. For a short while, I held 20th place in Italy in my age group. Now I just feel it is a fun way of getting to know people. When I fence, I am completely in my own world. It’s great not to think of anything for a while.”

The Netherlands is not known for its fantastic cuisine, but Bava is not worried. “My father is a good cook. He taught me how to cook. I also learned to distinguish between wines, he is in the wine business. And I can even tell the difference between butters. That is why I like doing it. Then I think of the cooking sessions with my father. My pasta is good, as is my mozzarella in carrozza, a kind of deep-fried cheese sandwich.”

Mozzarella in carrozza