Two students tested positive for Covid-19


MAASTRICHT. Two students who participated in the Inkom, digital and on campus, tested positive for Covid-19. UM has heard this today, the university writes in a recently issued press release. The GGD (public health authority) is conducting a source and contact investigation

The interim spokesperson of the UM, Fons Elbersen, does not want to say whether it concerns first-year students or senior students. "We do not provide details about the identity and background of the students." Nor can he say in which on campus activities the two participated. "The GGD will now map everything out and follow the normal procedure." Anyone who has been in direct contact with one of the students will be informed by the GGD, the student association or UM, according to the press release. Elbersen says he is pleased that the two have "taken their responsibility" and have reported to the relevant authorities.