UM is growing rapidly: almost twenty thousand students


MAASTRICHT. Nearly twenty thousand students have enrolled at Maastricht University for this academic year. Last year there were about 19 thousand. The share of Dutch students is growing by 10 percent; that of the foreign students by 15 percent, says interim spokesperson Fons Elbersen. These are preliminary enrollment figures. Definitive data will not be available until December.

Elbersen is not yet making any statements about the number of first-years and the distribution of foreign and Dutch students. Probably that ratio will still be around 50/50. In any case, UM is “glad” that the Dutch share is not much behind the international share. This is to prevent crooked growth.

It had already been predicted that the university could grow considerably. This trend is visible in all Dutch higher education institutions. More pupils have obtained their VWO diploma with the cancellation of the central exams and potential first-years are less inclined to take a gap year because of the corona crisis.

UM is growing rapidly: almost twenty thousand students
Author: Wendy Degens
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