UPDATE: Fasos urges everyone to wear a face mask


MAASTRICHT. The Faculty of Arts and Social Science (Fasos) urges students and staff members to wear a face mask. It's not  formally mandatory, although dean Christine Neuhold said during the Faculty Council meeting yesterday, that everyone "has to"  wear a mask. It's more nuanced than that, she says now. "When you say it's mandatory, people expect penalties. We will not have those." 

It's still a tightening of the university policy that advises people to wear a face mask within the UM buildings in all places where it's hard to maintain the 1.5-metre distance. Fasos clearly wants to take it one step further. The rule does not apply to tutorial rooms where the 1.5-metre distance can be guaranteed.

The rule will take effect as soon as possible, Neuhold told the council. So, as soon as the emails to the faculty community have been sent, the posters are put up in the buildings; in other words when the communication is complete.

With this measure, the Faculty Board is responding to a call from international students in particular, who asked for making face masks mandatory in Observant last week, in the person of student councilor Charles de Groot. “Why was wearing a face mask not made compulsory? Coming from Flanders, I don’t get it; most foreigners don’t get it. Why do you need to maintain the one and a half metre distance, but you don’t need to wear a face mask? We do want it to be mandatory. Everywhere abroad has made it compulsory, why not here? We would feel safer.”

UPDATE: Fasos urges everyone to wear a face mask
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