“If we behave well now, we will soon be able to have drinks together again”

National COVID-19 campaign #daardoeikhetvoor also in Maastricht


MAASTRICHT. ‘Being able to give my friends hugs again.It is one of the quotes on the posters that can be found in the city, at the university, the clubs and association houses from Wednesday 21 October. Student associations Circumflex, Koko, and Tragos are participating in the national campaign #daardoeikhetvoor. An action by students for students, to impress upon them to take the COVID-19 measures seriously.

Those student photographs and personal quotes – every university city has its own ‘poster models’ – are to ensure that the message really comes across, say the Maastricht associations who are co-operating with the Landelijke Kamer van Verenigingen (National Chamber of Associations), universities (VSNU) and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

“You do notice that society looks at students in a certain way. As if we don’t want to adhere to the measures,” says Luuk Voogelaar, vice chairman of Tragos. That is why he didn’t hesitate for a minute to participate in the campaign. “We are in complete support of the COVID-19 measures. Together we will achieve the best results. So, if we behave well now, we can soon have drinks together again, indoors as well as on the sidewalk cafes.

Tanne Nevels, chairperson of Circumflex, was also on board immediately. “Guus (a board member, ed.) and I looked at each other and thought: we have to do something with this. Ten minutes later, we were on the phone to the city authorities and the university.” They have a zero-tolerance policy at her club. “We hope that our members also observe the measures outside the club. We do impress upon them to do so.” According to Nevels, the posters with statements from fellow students will increase awareness. Which quote meant most to her? “To be able to go camping with my grandfather again.”

Quinty de Jong and Maaike Hooghiemstra, Koko’s vice chairperson and chairperson, respectively, expect the campaign to have an impact. “Our members are also on the posters. It motivates when you see a message from someone you recognise or know.”  And yes, it is true, they have already had to cancel a lot of normal activities because of COVID-19, but they remain positive. “At the moment, we are organising many of activities online for the first-year students. They were so happy to meet others during these times. That is why we are doing it.”

Lieve Smeets

“If we behave well now, we will soon be able to have drinks together again”
Kick off corona campaign students
Alderman Bert Jongen at the kick off in Maastricht
Author: Lieve Smeets

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