The Faculty of Law invests a million euro extra


MAASTRICHT. Until 2025, the Faculty of Law is going to invest a million euro, in particular in education, by appointing more (temporary) lecturers. The money comes from the faculty’s reserves, which will amount to more than 6.5 million in 2021.

The Maastricht law faculty is adding funds to the investments from the Quality Agreements – money that became available after the abolishment of the student financing system and which may now flow back into education at universities and universities of applied sciences. An extra injection of a million euro.
The faculty’s reserves are “relatively high”, states the ‘investment plan’ that was discussed during the latest faculty council meeting. Time to break open the reserves and hire some lecturers.

The need is great, dean Jan Smits stated. Work pressure is already considerable and with a growing number of students, it will only increase. The appointment of the student assistants back in spring, to support lecturers in transferring education material to a digital learning environment, is also being extended.

The plan refers to the ‘threats’ for the law faculty, such as the effects of the Van Rijn committee. Lasty year, the latter advised that the influx of students and the cost of programmes should depend more on the needs on the labour market. Upon which the Ministry of Education decided to apportion a larger share of the budget to the sciences, to the technical universities. This meant that Maastricht University has to do with millions of euros less.

Smits justifies the additional investments by referring to the new UMA model that is being set up “in which the negative effects of ‘Van Rijn’ should be compensated”. UMA is the distribution formula at Maastricht University that determines how much of the government funding goes to faculties and service centres.

Author: Wendy Degens
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