Internships during COVID-19: medical interns in action


MAASTRICHT. Next Thursday, medical interns throughout the country are going to post selfies of themselves wearing facemasks or maintaining 1.5 metre distance. With the hashtag ‘#CotijdensCovid they want to appeal to their fellow students to continue to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations and give them a glimpse of what their lives look like at the moment.

Quite a lot has changed, says Chris Kivit, master representative of the Maastricht medical study association Pulse and intern on the youth health ward. “We depend very much on the capacity of the rooms in hospitals. This means that we can sometimes only attend meetings, transfers or talks with the family, by using video calls.”

In addition, regular care has been scaled down in many hospitals during the second wave. “Because of this, we spend less time at the outpatients’ ward and in general are less exposed to what goes on in practice.” Still, the interns are not complaining. “The internships had come to a complete halt back in March,” says Kivit. “We are really glad that we can go ahead now, that we can make a contribution to the delivery of care. Hospitals ask us to help on the COVID-19 wards, which is very instructive.”

So the crisis also offers opportunities, but just like all students, the interns miss regular life. Kivit hopes that everyone can find the strength to keep adhering to the rules. “Be careful, is what we want to say with this campaign. Everyone is vulnerable. Hang in there a little longer.” 

Internships during COVID-19: medical interns in action
Co tijdens Covid
Author: Cleo Freriks

Maastricht medical interns already give a good example. Chris Kivit is in the left bottom picture.

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