UM is switching to online; buildings closed


MAASTRICHT. Maastricht University, like the rest of educational institutions in the Netherlands, will 'close' due to rising Covid-19 infections. Education is now completely online, at least until the end of the third block (end of January).

The Executive Board had previously decided to close its doors on Monday 21 December to give as many employees as possible rest, but due to the lockdown announced by Prime Minister Mark Rutte last Monday, UM is forced to close its doors this week.
Whether students should also work online during the fourth period, or whether there is an opportunity to come to the faculty for a hybrid session will be decided around 12 January. That is also the moment that Prime Minister Mark Rutte is once again reviewing the strict measures.
Nothing will change with regard to the exams. There is on campus and online testing.

Then the buildings: they will be locked, at least until 3 January. Only the receptions will remain open until Friday 19 December so that students and staff can pick up the necessary items. There are, however, a few exceptions. For example, for practical training and for employees who “wish to work the days before Christmas and have access to the building in consultation with their manager”, the latest communication e-mail states.

For 'vulnerable' students who want to study in the University Library, the location in the city center will remain open during the day, but for a limited number: a maximum of a hundred. The Executive Board defines 'vulnerable' as students with a disability, with mental or physical problems, students who feel lonely, with informal care tasks, studying parents and students who do not have proper home-working facilities.
PhD students who would defend their thesis in the period from 7 to 19 January, may postpone their PhD or keep it online.
UM Sport is also closed. Outdoor sports are possible with a maximum of two people.

You can reserve a study place in the UB via the UB reservation app
The University Library will be closed from December 25 to January 1

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