Only a handful of students on campus

Lockdown: only some practicals will continue as usual, the UL is open to a limited extent


MAASTRICHT. No tutorials, no lectures, no crowds in the corridors or in the mensa. It is quiet in the university buildings. Employees must work from home as much as possible, students have no access to the buildings. Although there are exceptions to the last rule.

For example, practicals do take place at the Faculty of Health Medicine and Life Sciences. Think of skills training in the Skillslab, anatomy practicals, educational clinics in the hospital and internships. A handful of Knowledge Engineering students have a practical in the faculty building on Paul-Henri Spaaklaan. A slightly larger group - including master students in Biobased Materials - receives practical training at Chemelot.

University Library

Furthermore, the university library is open daily to a limited number of students (divided over two time slots) who do not have a good study place at home, are lonely, or have physical or mental problems. They have been making quite a lot of use of this in the first week of the new year, about fifty students per time slot, says the director of the university library, Ingrid Wijk.

Exams in Mecc

Most exams are online, but not all. There are two exams planned at the Mecc this week (both from the School of Business and Economics), and a few for the coming test week (25-29 January). But all in all, there are far fewer exams than normal at Mecc, says the central test coordinator, Anja Ronken.

Period four

It is not yet clear whether education will remain online in period four, which starts in February, or whether UM will return to the situation before the last lockdown. This topic will be on the agenda next week during the Executive Board's meetings with the deans and directors.


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