Extended lockdown: education period 4 online, dies celebration adjusted


MAASTRICHT. Since the Netherlands will stay in lockdown until at least 9 February, Maastricht University has decided that education will continue to take place online in period 4. The program for the Dies Natalis - the 45th anniversary of Maastricht University - has been thoroughly stripped down.

Last night, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that the lockdown will last until at least 9 February. That also has consequences for the UM. Education will be completely online in period 4 - from February to the beginning of April - even if lockdown rules are relaxed during this period. Practicals and exams are still on campus. PhD ceremonies and other meetings at UM will remain online until 12 February.

The extended lockdown also throws a spanner in the works for the Dies celebration on January 29th. The theme was ‘erkennen en waarderen’, and the program included a talk show with students and staff, led by Rector Rianne Letschert. Furthermore, the student prizes and an honorary doctorate to Prof. Jaap van Dissel, director of the RIVM, would have been presented. The entire program will be moved to the opening of the academic year on 30 August 2021. On the day of the Dies, the rector will give an online speech to the university community.

Extended lockdown: education period 4 online, dies celebration adjusted
diesviering St. Jan 2020