Lockdown until March 2, no decision on period 5 yet


THE NETHERLANDS / MAASTRICHT. The lockdown in the Netherlands will be extended until at least 2 March. Prime Minister Rutte announced this last night. Primary schools and childcare will open again from 8 February and products ordered from shops can be picked up from that moment.

The universities will therefore remain virtually closed, except for skills training, practicals and the University Library (for a limited number of people). Contrary to what was announced during the University Council last week, there will be no decision yet about period 5 this week: will education remain online from April or will students be able to return (more often) to campus again? There are still things that need to be sort out, the spokesperson said. The decision is expected next week.

Author: Riki Janssen
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Tags: lockdown,covid,period 5

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