Minister Van Engelshoven wants to accommodate delayed students


THE NETHERLANDS. Students who are delayed due to the corona crisis do not have to pay the bill themselves, now also says outgoing minister Van Engelshoven. But not all of them need a full extension year as far as she is concerned.

Yesterday a parliamentary majority supported the call by GroenLinks and D66 to grant delayed students a tuition fee-free extra academic year. Prime Minister Rutte made no promises, but “took the suggestion with him”.

According to the NOS, Minister Van Engelshoven today called it “very realistic” that students who are delayed due to the corona measures can take longer to complete their studies. Not all of them need an extra year, she says. “But we must be able to give students peace of mind. They are under great pressure. ”

In the coming period, she will be working with Minister Slob on a national program against learning and study arrears.

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